Jul 28, 2008

Full Tutorial To Get Access To Counter-Strike Online Pre-Open Beta !

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Now Fill in the box as the translation that I provided.

In 1, Fill in the Counter-Strike Online login account, please make sure that your account are in 8-12 digit with English and Numbers and never used by someone else before.

In 2, Fill in the Counter-Strike Online login password.

In 3, Now you must fill in a Hong Kong ID card number to process to next step of creation of account, you can download the generator at Here, unzip it, the usage is...

Now you get a ID card number, fill it in Box 3, please noticed that the last digit are required fo fit in ( ) ,for example PN223307(8) , and you must write it down, The creation process needs the ID card number again and the card number must be the same as now.

In 4, Fill in your email address in both field.

In 5, Fill in your name.

In 6, Fill in your phone number, please make sure that it starts with 98,24,61,91, and following with 6 digit, for example : 98964311, 24916732, 61949724, 91946154...

In 7, choose your date of birth.

In 8, Choose your sex, male and female.

Now red check(tick) the box at the left posistion named : cs online (very important)!

Press Box 9 after you complete the above box field.

Step 7:

Creation of Counter-Strike Online is done, now you can download the client at
(download accelerater is recommended to increase the download speed)