Apr 29, 2009

HackShield Updated, Do Not Press Ese To Skip The Game Intro

There's a BUG, pressing Ese to skip the intro will result in a kick in game

Apr 21, 2009

10/11 Counter Strike New Client Download


21/4 Update List

First Please Download The New Client To Get Rid Of Slow Update

1. New Guns Available In Store
The Eye of Judgment-SL8 ( Scoped Assault Rifle )
#From Now On To 6/5 You Can Buy SL8 For LifeTime With GASH ! #

2. New Items Available In C-BOX
The Eye of Judgment-SL8 ( Scoped Assault Rifle )
New Assault Rifle : F2000
New SubMachine Gun :Dragon K1A
New Shotgun : Shining Hunter ─ M1887
Girl Character

The Above Items Are LifeTime, It Will Never Expired.
Apart From These New Guns, You May Also Get Golde AK-47, Camouflage M4A1 ,M200 And Golden Desert Eagle From C-Box Too! As Usual, You Can Use Those Guns Forever And Never Expired If You Get Them From C-BOx

3. C-Box Encoder Special ! You Can Purchase 16 Encoder In Store With 399 GASH ( Limited !!, Encoder Are Used To Open C-Box)

4. Two New Maps, Industry And Piranesi. Available In All Game Mod ! ( Normal, Team DeathMatch, DeathMatch.. Zombie Mod...)

5. New Event #1: I Will Become King Of Sniper ! ( 21/4 ~ 6/5 )

Use The Eye of Judgment-SL8 To Kill 100 Enemy ( NOT BOT ), An Get A New Terrorists Character ( 30 Days ) Instantly.

Use Other Sniper Rifle To Kill 200 Enemy ( NOT BOT ), An Get A New CT Character ( 30 Days ) Instantly.

The Top 500 People Who Kill Most Enemy With Sniper Rifle Will Reward A "King Of Sniper" Spray ( Never Expired ), Winner Will Announce In 19/5.

6. New Event #2: Must Kill To Survive ( 21/4 ~ 6/5 )

Play 5 TeamDeath Match And DeathMatch In New Map : Industry, And 100 People Will Randomly Picked Up By Gamania And Each Of Them May Reward New Shotgun : Shining Hunter ─ M1887 ( 100 Days ), Winner Will Announce In 12/5.

Apr 14, 2009

Tutorial Of Adding GASH

GASH is a e currency unit used my Gamania.
You can use real money to buy GASH, than you can use it to RENT some special weapon in game, sometimes Gamania is prmoting you can get some specific weapon for lifetime, but not rent it.

Before 21/4, you can use GASH to buy the Shining Hunter ─ M1887 and use it for lifetime. It cost 349 GASH.

Before you purchase GASH, please noticed that GASH are non-refundable.

1. First please try to login with your CSO login id and password in
If you can login, please goto step2
If you cant, if means that you cannot follow this tutorial, please follow me new tutorial to reg a Hong Kong Gamania's Account.

2. Goto
I didnt try to purchase anything from yesasia's website but there is a guy telling me that he purchase GASH from yesasia and everything is fine.
and you should see there are 3 kind of GASH card, as follow..

OK now you see 3 kind of different value GASH card. They are 800,1200 and 500. Please noticed that before you purchase it. These point value are Hong Kong's GASH Point, and Counter Strike Online are operate by Taiwan's Gamania's Company, please noticed that In Game GASH currency are using Taiwan's Gamania standards . It means that value of GASH in game = your Hong Kong GASH devided by 2.5.

Let me make it simple.

You purchase a 1200 Gamania's Hong Kong point card. your in game GASH amount will be.
1200 devided by 2.5 = 480
You purchase a 800 Gamania's Hong Kong point card. your in game GASH amount will be.
1200 devided by 2.5 = 320
You purchase a 500 Gamania's Hong Kong point card. your in game GASH amount will be.
1200 devided by 2.5 = 200

3. Please ensure that the point card that you want to buy is Hong Kong's Gamania Point Card but not the Taiwan's ones. Now purchase it in Yesasia. I dont know yesasia will ship the whole card to you or just giving you the GASH key code, but its not a big deal, cause finally you will get a GASH keycode.

4.Once you get the key code, login in

Now press the red box.

Press the red box again

Now a new window pop out, type in the GASH key code to add GASH to your Counter Strike Online account. Key Code consist of 14-20 digit.

If your key code is correct, an english sentence will pop up and said that " Pin check sucessfully blablabla ", and its done now, you can login Counter Strike Online and check the result.

Apr 7, 2009

8/4 Counter Strike Online New Client Download


Updated to V46 in 8/4.

7/4 Update History

(1) New Shotgun : Shining Hunter ─ M1887 (In 7/4 ~ 21/4 shinning hunter are available in store !, you can use 349 GASH to buy it, once you purchase, you can use it in life-time !! never expired)

Shining modern hunters are the most leveraged excellent fire shotgun, not only in the operation provides a very good feel, fire the 8 shot is 12Gauge provided excellent damage, fire suppression allows you to easily stay human and zombie attacks, 8 small bullets will shoot together, you can easily beat the opponent put a lot of problems caused by fire and also blow away the incoming zombies.

(2) Zombie Experience And Points Doubling Coupons Available To Sell In Store.

You can earn double experience and points in Zombie Mod once you own these tickets.

(3) New Spary Available To Sell In Store.

Once again two new spray added. You can buy it by using points. ( You can change the in game spary in option )

(4) Added Two New Maps, 747 and cable.

Available in Zombie Mod, Normal Match, Team DeathMatch and DeathMatch.

##New Event CS Online Sharpshooter ##

While In Zombie Mod, you can earn points by inflecting Human and Zombies. ( This points are different from the points used to buy weapons ),

Inflecting 1 Human = 1 Points.
Inflecting 1 Human as Sarah and Uncle Tat( New Zombies )= 2 Points.

Killing 1 Zombie = 4 Points.
Killing 1 Zombie With The New ShotGun Shining Hunter ─ M1887 = 8 Points.

Once you have 50 points you will be given two free present in game.
High survival vest ( 3 Days ) ( Carry Extra 50% Ammo In Zombie Mod )
2.Crazy Gene Medicine ( 3 Days ) ( Human Can Jump As High As Zombie )
* Two Present Are Only Available In Zombie Mod Only.

Apr 1, 2009

My Computer Get Inflected By Virus..

I may not be able to always reply in blog..

1/4 In Game Update : A Zombie Spray ( 1 Day ) Will Be Given When You Login In 1/4.

for those who are having stuck in 50% or use method2 keep getting client version error.. Please wait until my computer is back to normal, so that I can reupload the new client. But I recommend you guys try to wait to let the CSOLauncher update itself.