Apr 7, 2009

8/4 Counter Strike Online New Client Download


Updated to V46 in 8/4.

7/4 Update History

(1) New Shotgun : Shining Hunter ─ M1887 (In 7/4 ~ 21/4 shinning hunter are available in store !, you can use 349 GASH to buy it, once you purchase, you can use it in life-time !! never expired)

Shining modern hunters are the most leveraged excellent fire shotgun, not only in the operation provides a very good feel, fire the 8 shot is 12Gauge provided excellent damage, fire suppression allows you to easily stay human and zombie attacks, 8 small bullets will shoot together, you can easily beat the opponent put a lot of problems caused by fire and also blow away the incoming zombies.

(2) Zombie Experience And Points Doubling Coupons Available To Sell In Store.

You can earn double experience and points in Zombie Mod once you own these tickets.

(3) New Spary Available To Sell In Store.

Once again two new spray added. You can buy it by using points. ( You can change the in game spary in option )

(4) Added Two New Maps, 747 and cable.

Available in Zombie Mod, Normal Match, Team DeathMatch and DeathMatch.

##New Event CS Online Sharpshooter ##

While In Zombie Mod, you can earn points by inflecting Human and Zombies. ( This points are different from the points used to buy weapons ),

Inflecting 1 Human = 1 Points.
Inflecting 1 Human as Sarah and Uncle Tat( New Zombies )= 2 Points.

Killing 1 Zombie = 4 Points.
Killing 1 Zombie With The New ShotGun Shining Hunter ─ M1887 = 8 Points.

Once you have 50 points you will be given two free present in game.
High survival vest ( 3 Days ) ( Carry Extra 50% Ammo In Zombie Mod )
2.Crazy Gene Medicine ( 3 Days ) ( Human Can Jump As High As Zombie )
* Two Present Are Only Available In Zombie Mod Only.