Dec 9, 2009

Dec 9 Update History.

1. From now on promoting to higher level in Counter-Strike Online will be rewarding present.

Lv1 - Instantly reward a Lv 1 present box.

Lv3 - Instantly reward a Lv 3 present box. And get a Lv 5 present box ( can be open when you promoted to level 5 )

Lv5 - Instantly reward a Lv 5 present box. And get a Lv 10 present box ( can be open when you promoted to level 10 )

Lv10 - Instantly reward a Lv 10 present box. And get a Lv 15 present box ( can be open when you promoted to level 15 )

Lv15 - Instantly reward a Lv 15 present box. And get a Lv 20 present box ( can be open when you promoted to level 20 )

Lv20 - Instantly reward a Lv 20 present box. And get a Lv 25 present box ( can be open when you promoted to level 25 )

Lv25 - Instantly reward a Lv 25 present box. And get a Lv 30 present box ( can be open when you promoted to level 30 )

Lv30 - Able to open level 30 present box

2.New Game Mode- Survivor must kill all zombies to survive in a limited time
Zombie's number and damage will raise when time passes.
the map will be in "十" size. human spawn in the middle.

3.New Grenade launcher ( unlimted time usage, never expired ), available in GASH.
The new grenade launcher will be secondary weapons.

4.New Event - Kill 500 Zombie's in new game mode described in point 3 will be reward m249 - 3 days, kill 1000 will be reward - anthor new machine gun - 10days

Killing "Rage Uncle Tak" in new game mode will reward a Mystery present box, you may get some GASH weapon ( 1 day time limit ) in it !

EVENT will end in Dec 29.

Nov 10, 2009

10/11 Update History

1. New machine gun are available in GASH, you can purchase it in GASH ( 80rounds per clip, max 400)

2. New Event
Zombie : Inflect 150 humans to get Flammable Grenade ( 3 Days )
Human : Get 50 supply boxes to get Machine Gun Set ( 3 Days )
Complete both mission to get "Double Grenade and Zombie Grenade" ( 3 Days )

3. Italy, Nuke, Chateau, Downed, Siege, Vertigo, Assault, Union Maps are available for Zombie Mode 3.

Nov 9, 2009

Free testing account for Counter-Strike Online !

I created two set of accounts for those who want to try Counter-Strike Online but want to skip the annoying register process ; ) enjoy, just download the client, and login with those id and pw.

id : csolblog
pw : 80518051

id : csolblog1
pw : 80518051

CSOTools v2.0 ( used to decode NAR files to extract CSOL's content )

Zombie Mode 3 Introduction

Zombie Mode 3 Introduction

Human Objectives :
Hold until the time is reached or kill all zombies with headshot.
Zombie Objectives :
Inflect all humans

* All zombies killed by human can be respawn in random place in the map in zombie mod 3. ( Expect killed by headshot ! It means if you killed by headshot, you cannot spawn )

* All zombies can use their special skills ( Default Key : G )

* Whole human teams attack damage will be increased AS ANY ONE OF THE HUMAN killed a zombie. ( Max 200% Damage ), you can check out the damage indicator on the bottom of time display.

* When zombie's are taking damage from human to a specific level, they can transform to higher level ( Zombie King, Boss ), you can check out the upgrade indicator on the bottom of time display.

* One or two humans will be transformed to "HERO" in each round, HEROS carry Dual .50 AE Desert Eagle and a new gun with unknown name lol ??

Gameplay :

Aug 17, 2009

Now You Can Purchase C-Box Encoder Directly With CASH!

Q : What is C-Box ?
A : C-Box is a item that you can get for killing enemies, you may get Golden Desert, Golden CV-47, Maverick M4A1, KIASE, Golden Winchester M1887, F2000, M200 , Bass Guitar blablabla those weapons from it. The above weapons will never be expired. Getting C-BOX are not enough to get those weapons, you still need encoder to encode C-BOX, the only way to purchase encoder is to use real CASH to change it to GASH than use GASH to purchase encoder. This is the way how Gamania makes money from customers.

Q: So now it means that I can get one of those powerful weapons from C-BOX if I have an encoder?
A : No, you still need luck to get those weapons. Anything can be obtain from C-Box, such as 30 Days character, some weapons that can purchase via Points in game... blablabla, the chance of getting those Golden powerful weapons is very low, maybe 1-2%, someone may spend $500 US for nothing, but the ppl who are lucky may get those powerful weapons even they have 1 encoder.

Q: I have real cash and I want to purchase encoder, what should I do ?
A: I am starting a new services, as long as you have Liberty Reserve USD, I will help you to purchase encoder without knowing your login ID and password. There is a present function in CS Online's store, the only thing I need to do is enter target's name, and encoder will transfer instantly to target's account, and GASH will deduct from my CS Online accounts.

Q: What is the price of each encoder ?
Currently : $1.6 Liberty Reserve USD = 1 Encoder

Q: I want to buy encoder with my real cash in liberty reserve, how can I transfer real money to your Liberty Reserve account?
1) First open an Liberty Reserve account @
2) Add fund to your LR account, the following mirror are recommended exchange services provider.
3) Once you have positive balance in your Liberty Reserve account, login your Liberty Reserve main account, press "Transfer", In the " To Account " field, please type in U9463311, if you wish to purchase 2 encoder, please type 3.2 in the " Amount " Field, remember to write your in game username ( not login user name ) in the memo field, once I receive the payment, encoder will be transfer directly to your CS Online account within 24 hours.
4) Please noticed that once encoder are transfered there will be NO refund.

Aug 16, 2009

0811 Update History

1. New Sniper - M24, Available To Purchase Via GASH.
2. New Game Mode - Challenge Mode. ( Time Attack in JUMP map)
3. Two New Map For Challenge Mode.

New Event : 11/8 ~ 25/8 Ranked Top 3 Five Times In Challenge Mode May Get M24 - 30 Days For Free, 100 Winner Will Be Pickup Randomly By Gamania in 1/9.

New Client V64

Aug 6, 2009

Do not trust those comments that says there are cheats on other site

Do not trust those comments that says there are cheats on other site !!

Jul 23, 2009

New Client V61

0714 and 0721 Update History


1. New Map

de_chateau ( for all game mode )
Italy, aztec, dust ( for Zombie United Mode )

2. New Guns Available in C-BOX
Rock Bass Guitar !? ( M4A1 )
Golden Winchester M1887
Golden HK SL-8
M134 Mini gun

3.Collect "Words" to get free present

If you can get 「絕」、「對」、「武」、「力」 these 4 words, you can get a RED AI AWP ( Never Expired )

Win5 rounds in Zombie United Mod to get 「絕」
Use Zombie Character to heal to get 「對」
「武」、「力」 Can get from C-Box

4. Special Discount on CT and T character when you purchase them via GASH


1. Increased rate to get Rock Bass Guitar !? ( M4A1 ) from C-BOX ( 7/21~7/28 )

2. Cake Grenade Available To Purchase In Shop

7/21~8/25 login everyday to claim for free weapons !!

Jun 22, 2009

New Tutorial Of Createing Accounts In Counter Strike Online!

1.Download BeanFun, Decompress And Install It..
Here's The Link

2. Follow the Pictures ... Ask if you dont understand.

New Client V55 Available For Download

02/06 and 18/06 Update History


1.New Items Available In C-BOX
- 2 Female Characters, HK-SL8, Zombie Mod EXP and Points Doubled Ticket
2. New Melee Available In Gash
- Nothing Special, just different sounds and outlook
3. New Spray
Available In Gash
- Cute Characters Spray Now Available In Gash ( Lifetime )
4. New Map Available
- For Knife Game Mod Only
5. Purchase Weapons User Interface Upgraded
6. Weapons Limitation Are Now Free To Use For Room OP ( t Required Points In The Past )

1. New Grenade Available In GASH
- German Stick Grenade
2. New Zombie Mod2 Character And Human Skills
- His Name Is Frank, Skill : Create Some Black Smoke Nearby To Block Human's View, Press G ( or 5? I forgot ) To Active The Skill When You Are Zombie King Or Zombie Boss. ( Only Available In Zombie Mod2 )
- Human Skills : Running Shoes, Press 5 To Active It.
( Only Available In Zombie Mod2 )
- Please Noticed That You Can Purchase Frank With Points. But I Am Not Sure That Running Shoes Can Purchase Via Points Or Not.
3. New Map - Downed
- A Map From CZ...

4. New Event
Btw 18/6 ~ 30/6
Login Everyday To Counter Strike Online To Get The Price

1 Day Will Get " Frank + Running Shoes - 3 Days "
5 Days Will Get " Winchester M1887 + Uncle Tat WIth Hammer - 7 Days "
10 Days Will Get " MG3 +
Zombie Character - Sara + Shining Knife - 10 Days"

May 28, 2009

28/5 ~ 31/5 Dragon Boat Festival New Event + BeanFun Update

28/5 ~ 31/5

1) Double Exp + Points
@Each Day 19:00 ~ 22:59 ( GMT +8 )

2) System Will Randomly Pickup A Player Every 10 Min And Rewarding "Luxurious Classic Weapon Package ( 30 Days ), Which Include Some Major Weapons Such As M4, AK, AWP, Desert Eagle blablabla..
@Each Day 14:00 ~ 23:59 ( GMT +8 )

Concerning The BeanFun Update :
The Old Gash System Aleady Upgraded To "BeanFun". Old Tutorual Of Creating Account In CS Online Is Not Working And Outdated Now. Futher Tutorial Of BeanFun Will Release At Next Thursday After My Exam.

May 19, 2009

All Weapons List In Counter Strike Online.

This is the correct name of all weapons in Counter-Strike Online, the weapon's name are real.

Pistol :

Name MaxAmmo Max Ammo(ZOMBIE) CT/TR/VIP Price

GLOCK 18 20/120 20/200 CT/TR $400
HK USP Tactical .45 12/100 12/200 CT/TR/VIP $500
SIG P228 13/52 13/104 CT/TR $600
Desert Eagle 7/35 7/70 CT/TR $650
FN Five-seveN 20/100 12/200 CT $750
Beretta 92G Elite II 30/120 30/200 TR $800
Colt Anaconda 7/35 7/70 CT/TR $600


Benelli M3 Super 90 8/32 8/64 CT/TR $1700
Benelli XM1014 7/32 7/64 CT/TR $3000
Daewoo USAS-12 20/40 20/80 TR $3350
Winchester M1887 8/32 8/64 CT $2800

Sub-Machine Gun

Steyr TMP 30/120 30/200 CT $1250
Ingram Mac-10 30/100 30/200 TR $1400
HK MP5Navy 30/120 30/200 CT/TR $1500
HK UMP 25/100 25/200 CT/TR $1700
FN P90 50/100 50/200 CT/TR $2350
Daewoo K1A 30/90 30/180 CT $1850
HK MP7A1 20/80 20/180 CT/TR $2150

Assault Rifle

GIAT FA MAS F1 25/90 25/180 CT $2250
IMI Galil ARM 35/90 35/180 TR $2000
Steyr Scout 10/90 10/180 CT/TR $2750
USSR AK-47 30/90 30/180 TR $2500
Colt M4A1 30/90 30/180 CT $3100
Steyr AUGA1 30/90 30/180 CT $3500
SIG SG552 30/90 30/180 TR $3500
SIG SG550 30/90 30/180 CT $4200
AI AWP 10/30 10/60 CT/TR $4750
HK G3SG/1 20/90 20/180 TR $5000
FN SCAR-L 30/90 30/180 CT $2450
HK XM8 30/90 30/180 TR $2450
FN SCAR-H 30/90 30/180 CT $3250
HK XM8 ( Scoped ) 30/90 30/180 TR $3250
KBP VSK-94 30/90 30/180 CT $3750
SVD 10/90 10/180 TR $4100
Sako TRG-42 20/90 20/180 CT/TR $4750
HK SL-8 20/90 20/180 CT/TR $4600

Marchine Gun :

FN M249 Para 100/200 100/200 CT/TR $5750
QBB-95 75/150 75/200 CT/TR $3200
MG3 200/200 200/200 CT/TR $6100

Weapons Available in C-Box :

Golden Desert Eagle 7/35 7/70 CT/TR $650
Golden USSR AK-47 30/90 30/180 CT/TR $2500
Maverick M4A1 30/90 30/180 CT/TR $3100
Dragon K1A 30/90 30/180 CT/TR $1850
Cheyenne Tactical M-200 Intervention 10/30 10/60 CT/TR $4750
FN F2000 30/90 30/180 CT/TR $3600

19/5 and 6/5 Update History

First Please Download The New Client V48 To Get Rid Of Slow Update

6/5 Update History :
Two New Female Characters added. You Can Buy Them With Gash In Store ( Never Expired )

19/5 Update History :
New Game Mode :
New Game Mode : Grenade And Knife Only. You Can Host A Server With This Mode. All Players Will Only Allowed To Kill With Hand Grenade ( Unlimted! )

New Map : Backalley added

New Event As Follow :

1.Getting Gold Medal Weapon In C-Box ( Golden AK-47, Camouflage M4A1 ,M200 And Golden Desert Eagle) Precentage Slightly Increased.

2.Let's Use Points !
Before 16/6, You Can Rent MG3, AWP, M4A1, AK47 In Store With Points !

3. New Gift For You !
Before 16/6, All New Players Joining CSO Will Be Rewarded A SubMachine Gun And Machine Gun Package ( Expired After 10 Days )

WIth You Reach Level 5, 10 and 15, You Will Be Rewarded Gifts ( ?? )

Apr 29, 2009

HackShield Updated, Do Not Press Ese To Skip The Game Intro

There's a BUG, pressing Ese to skip the intro will result in a kick in game

Apr 21, 2009

10/11 Counter Strike New Client Download

21/4 Update List

First Please Download The New Client To Get Rid Of Slow Update

1. New Guns Available In Store
The Eye of Judgment-SL8 ( Scoped Assault Rifle )
#From Now On To 6/5 You Can Buy SL8 For LifeTime With GASH ! #

2. New Items Available In C-BOX
The Eye of Judgment-SL8 ( Scoped Assault Rifle )
New Assault Rifle : F2000
New SubMachine Gun :Dragon K1A
New Shotgun : Shining Hunter ─ M1887
Girl Character

The Above Items Are LifeTime, It Will Never Expired.
Apart From These New Guns, You May Also Get Golde AK-47, Camouflage M4A1 ,M200 And Golden Desert Eagle From C-Box Too! As Usual, You Can Use Those Guns Forever And Never Expired If You Get Them From C-BOx

3. C-Box Encoder Special ! You Can Purchase 16 Encoder In Store With 399 GASH ( Limited !!, Encoder Are Used To Open C-Box)

4. Two New Maps, Industry And Piranesi. Available In All Game Mod ! ( Normal, Team DeathMatch, DeathMatch.. Zombie Mod...)

5. New Event #1: I Will Become King Of Sniper ! ( 21/4 ~ 6/5 )

Use The Eye of Judgment-SL8 To Kill 100 Enemy ( NOT BOT ), An Get A New Terrorists Character ( 30 Days ) Instantly.

Use Other Sniper Rifle To Kill 200 Enemy ( NOT BOT ), An Get A New CT Character ( 30 Days ) Instantly.

The Top 500 People Who Kill Most Enemy With Sniper Rifle Will Reward A "King Of Sniper" Spray ( Never Expired ), Winner Will Announce In 19/5.

6. New Event #2: Must Kill To Survive ( 21/4 ~ 6/5 )

Play 5 TeamDeath Match And DeathMatch In New Map : Industry, And 100 People Will Randomly Picked Up By Gamania And Each Of Them May Reward New Shotgun : Shining Hunter ─ M1887 ( 100 Days ), Winner Will Announce In 12/5.

Apr 14, 2009

Tutorial Of Adding GASH

GASH is a e currency unit used my Gamania.
You can use real money to buy GASH, than you can use it to RENT some special weapon in game, sometimes Gamania is prmoting you can get some specific weapon for lifetime, but not rent it.

Before 21/4, you can use GASH to buy the Shining Hunter ─ M1887 and use it for lifetime. It cost 349 GASH.

Before you purchase GASH, please noticed that GASH are non-refundable.

1. First please try to login with your CSO login id and password in
If you can login, please goto step2
If you cant, if means that you cannot follow this tutorial, please follow me new tutorial to reg a Hong Kong Gamania's Account.

2. Goto
I didnt try to purchase anything from yesasia's website but there is a guy telling me that he purchase GASH from yesasia and everything is fine.
and you should see there are 3 kind of GASH card, as follow..

OK now you see 3 kind of different value GASH card. They are 800,1200 and 500. Please noticed that before you purchase it. These point value are Hong Kong's GASH Point, and Counter Strike Online are operate by Taiwan's Gamania's Company, please noticed that In Game GASH currency are using Taiwan's Gamania standards . It means that value of GASH in game = your Hong Kong GASH devided by 2.5.

Let me make it simple.

You purchase a 1200 Gamania's Hong Kong point card. your in game GASH amount will be.
1200 devided by 2.5 = 480
You purchase a 800 Gamania's Hong Kong point card. your in game GASH amount will be.
1200 devided by 2.5 = 320
You purchase a 500 Gamania's Hong Kong point card. your in game GASH amount will be.
1200 devided by 2.5 = 200

3. Please ensure that the point card that you want to buy is Hong Kong's Gamania Point Card but not the Taiwan's ones. Now purchase it in Yesasia. I dont know yesasia will ship the whole card to you or just giving you the GASH key code, but its not a big deal, cause finally you will get a GASH keycode.

4.Once you get the key code, login in

Now press the red box.

Press the red box again

Now a new window pop out, type in the GASH key code to add GASH to your Counter Strike Online account. Key Code consist of 14-20 digit.

If your key code is correct, an english sentence will pop up and said that " Pin check sucessfully blablabla ", and its done now, you can login Counter Strike Online and check the result.

Apr 7, 2009

8/4 Counter Strike Online New Client Download

Updated to V46 in 8/4.

7/4 Update History

(1) New Shotgun : Shining Hunter ─ M1887 (In 7/4 ~ 21/4 shinning hunter are available in store !, you can use 349 GASH to buy it, once you purchase, you can use it in life-time !! never expired)

Shining modern hunters are the most leveraged excellent fire shotgun, not only in the operation provides a very good feel, fire the 8 shot is 12Gauge provided excellent damage, fire suppression allows you to easily stay human and zombie attacks, 8 small bullets will shoot together, you can easily beat the opponent put a lot of problems caused by fire and also blow away the incoming zombies.

(2) Zombie Experience And Points Doubling Coupons Available To Sell In Store.

You can earn double experience and points in Zombie Mod once you own these tickets.

(3) New Spary Available To Sell In Store.

Once again two new spray added. You can buy it by using points. ( You can change the in game spary in option )

(4) Added Two New Maps, 747 and cable.

Available in Zombie Mod, Normal Match, Team DeathMatch and DeathMatch.

##New Event CS Online Sharpshooter ##

While In Zombie Mod, you can earn points by inflecting Human and Zombies. ( This points are different from the points used to buy weapons ),

Inflecting 1 Human = 1 Points.
Inflecting 1 Human as Sarah and Uncle Tat( New Zombies )= 2 Points.

Killing 1 Zombie = 4 Points.
Killing 1 Zombie With The New ShotGun Shining Hunter ─ M1887 = 8 Points.

Once you have 50 points you will be given two free present in game.
High survival vest ( 3 Days ) ( Carry Extra 50% Ammo In Zombie Mod )
2.Crazy Gene Medicine ( 3 Days ) ( Human Can Jump As High As Zombie )
* Two Present Are Only Available In Zombie Mod Only.

Apr 1, 2009

My Computer Get Inflected By Virus..

I may not be able to always reply in blog..

1/4 In Game Update : A Zombie Spray ( 1 Day ) Will Be Given When You Login In 1/4.

for those who are having stuck in 50% or use method2 keep getting client version error.. Please wait until my computer is back to normal, so that I can reupload the new client. But I recommend you guys try to wait to let the CSOLauncher update itself.

Mar 26, 2009

[OUTDATED] 25/3 New Client For Download ( For Only Those Stuck At 50% )

Today 25/3 Gamania upload the client version again, V42 is not the newest now.

you can download the newest version in the following mirror, use Winrar decompress it and open CSOlauncher, do method2 as usual.









Mar 24, 2009

24/3 Update History

Add Items: Uncle Tat + well Granville Tiechui (available in Zoimbie Mod 2 only)
When players buy Uncle Tat , who will also have a hammer-wai and Uncle Tat different Items.

Related as follows:

Uncle Tat
Uncle Tat and Sarah are new species, like the zombie, at can be turned into a zombie after zombie when you are inflected.
Uncle Tat is a well defense zombie, when he is attacked by human, he still can push forward slowly.
However, speed and jumping ability is weaker than other zombie.
Uncle Tat can press G to place the trap.
When human beings through the trap, it will not move eight seconds.

Human exclusive weapons, guns at End Purchase menu will appear asking if you want to use Hammer-Wai rather than knife.
Hammer-Wai have two modes: normal attack and swing mode, right-click to use swing mode..
When the player with swing mode, the speed will become very slow,
But the hit zombie fight zombie can blow away and cause some harm.

Added Map: (Nuke) for zombie mode

Added Events
Activity Time: 2009/3/24 ~ 2009/4/7
Activities 1 :

(must be 8 or more people (including 8 people) in the room)
Kill 8 Uncle Tat and you may get "Uncle Tat + Hammer-Wai" for 30 days.
(100 Winner will randomly pickup by Gamania later )

(must be 8 or more people (including 8 people) in the room)
Inflected 44 humans as Uncle Tat and you may get "Uncle Tat + Hammer-Wai" for 365 days.
(100 Winner will randomly pickup by Gamania later )

two decoders will be given if you buy "Uncle Tat + Hammer-Wai" for 30 days.

9/11 Counter Strike Online New Client Download

Mar 17, 2009

17/3 Gamania update their anti-hack toolkits from GameGuard to HackShield

Hack Shield Introduction.

HackShield is a set of anti-hack toolkits developed for online games. It has been used in games such as Combat Arms and Shot Online. Hackshield is developed by AhnLab, a Korean security solutions company. It has been available to Korean game developers since 2001[1] and American game developers since 2005. Since founded in 1995, AhnLab today is one of the largest security solution companies[citation needed] with 65% of market share in Korean security market alone and approximately 500 worldwide. Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, AhnLab is traded on the KOSDAQ under the symbol AhnLab.

New Client (V41) Available To Download

Troubleshooting Q & A :
Q1: If the Games begin there is no reaction, or did not start HackShield program, we recommend that you take the following steps, and then try to enter the Game


1. Turn off possible influential Permanent programs, such as GOGOGBOX, P2P software such as ....

2. If you have to use anti-virus / firewall software, you will permit HackShield to add to a list of (regional).

Q2: After the Games begin, HackShield have not been able to successfully update will update the progress of stuck or happen to run a long time, how should I do?


1. We recommend that you wait patiently, if have not been able to successfully complete the update, please turn off your first CS Online Games program and then re-connect to be updated.

2. If the problem can not be ruled out, we recommend that you re-install CS Online Games main program and then try to be updated.

To remind you!! Games unofficial plug-ins and other programs such as Trojan programs are often the main source of Orange Games once again appeal to all gamers, not to use unofficial program Game! To ensure that your account security.

Q3: Start HackShield, the Executive Games will be an error message, resulting in no games, how to deal with?


1. HackShield if you start after the error message can not be led to Games, we recommend that you first unnecessary Permanent software program or turn off, and make sure that your firewall or antivirus software does not block 『』 hsupdate.exe run.

2. If your problem can not be ruled out, please return a letter from CS Online Bug-mail:, our players will be collected as soon as possible after the exclusion of methods to update the information at "HackShield QA rule out the suggestions".

Q4: I am in the implementation of the game, the antivirus software out of "blocked applications" related window messages, resulting in no games, how to deal with?


If you jump out of the firewall message asking if you want to permit hsupdate.exe 』『 program, please select your permit. If your firewall or antivirus software has been blocked 』『 hsupdate.exe, you will 『』 hsupdate.exe been set to permit the implementation of the program.

Q5: I am in the implementation of the game when nProtect GameGuard conflict with the warning message, how to deal with?


If you open the program before the CS Online Games, once opened with nProtect anti-hacking programs, or and other nProtect game simultaneously with the implementation of, that is, there is this situation that may arise. We recommend that you turn off the other containing the nProtect Game, and confirmed nProtect situation is turn off and then restart the implementation of CS Online Games program.

Q6: I accidentally deleted HackShield appears when the window "Detect improper Update 0x2 program does not define" how to deal with?


Please player to enter the C: \ Program Files \ Gamania \ Counter-Strike Online \ Bin Medium and delete this file hw.dll; system will automatically re-download.

Mar 15, 2009

My Own Counter Strike Online 3D HD Movie Trailer

Please rate and post command ! Thanks

Gamania 10th Anniversary Video ! ( CSO Taiwan service provider )

you can see the face of Gamania's staff.

Translate :
0:15 - 0:20 -> This is a love story of staff in Gamania with Gamania ( Orange ) .
0:21 - 0:40 -> I am in love !!!
0:41 - 0:45 ->!!!

Stuck at 50% should been fixed now

someone said that after 10/3 Female Zombie's update the stucking at 50% has been fixed by Gamania

I want to know the satiation, do you still having the problem of stucking at 50% ? Please vote in the right hand side, thanks

Mar 14, 2009

Counter Strike Online Purchase Weapon Tutorial ( Youtube )

Counter Strike Online Login Tutorial ( Youtube )

Zombie Mod 2 Update Special Event Winner List ! ( 300 GASH )
as you can see those who completed the special event will be randomly chosen by Gamania and the winner can get 300 GASH. Now the winner is announced in official website of CS ONLINE.
if you see them your name are in the above list, congrats !!!

Remember that there are a new special event after Female Zombie's update, the winner will get " Female Zombie - Sarah + Sharp Silver Blade " up to 365 days ! please read hear for more information.

Mar 10, 2009

Female Zombie ( Sarah ) + Sharp Silver Blade Introduction !

##Sarah was a little girl zombie with a lightweight body of Sarah, because the advantages of size, with fast-moving and excellent jumping ability, but also the use of special skills "sneak" attack on the targets.##

#Only available in Zombie Mod 2.

##A good helper of assault ! - new skills "prowling." The use of Sarah and become a Zombie King or a Zombie Boss, press "G" key to use the special skills, sustainable use of 20 per second, 10 second interval can be used again.##

After Prowling and before Prowling...

##How to use Sarah Infected as a zombie, you can choose to use the general zombie or "Sarah."##

If you are using girl character in game and get inflected, menu will appear,
Please select the 2."Cancel" can be turned to "Sarah."

If you are using Male character in game and get inflected, menu will appear,
Please select the 1."Sarah" can be turned to "Sarah."

##Sharp silver blade Introduction:##

Human corpse in order to confront the developed silver knife, in the attack when there is superior zombie destruction.
#Only available in Zombie Mod 2.

Double damage will be given when you hit behind zombie.

##How to use the sharp silver blade##
Sharp silver blade holder at the End of the human condition buy weapons, you can choose whether or not to replace weapons nearly as "sharp-edged silver."

3/10 Today's Update !

First of all the installer is updated to V41 please download it in

1. New Wall Paper Of Female Zombie ( Sarah ) Added ! You Can Download In "Download" Section.

2.New Items ( Female Zombie - Sarah + Sharp Silver Blade ( Double Damage When Hitting Zombie In The Back ) Is Available Using "GASH" To Buy It ! ( Very Disappointed , I thought It Require Points But Now It Required GASH To Buy It )

3.New Spray Of 4 Girl Characters Added, Still The Same Required GASH !!

4.New Map cs_estate Added, Available In Rescuing Hostage, DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Zombie Mod and Zombie Mod2.

5.New Special Event: ( 3/10 ~ 3/24 )

Kill 5 Female Zombie ( Sarah ) , 100 Player Will Be Randomly Chosen By Gamania And Each Of Them Will Be Given " Female Zombie - Sarah + Sharp Silver Blade " 30 Days.

Kill 44 Humans When You Are Using Female Zombie, 100 Player Will Be Randomly Chosen By Gamania And Each Of Them Will Be Given " Female Zombie - Sarah + Sharp Silver Blade " 365 Days.

Winner Will Be Announce Later...

6.Free 2 Decoder Will Be Given If You Buy " Female Zombie - Sarah + Sharp Silver Blade " Package 30 Days. ( Until 3/24 )

Mar 3, 2009

Female Zombie Will Release in 3/10 !

3/10 !

She can cloak ( while speed decrased to 10% )

Mar 1, 2009

Solution For Launcher Stucking At 50% !

Del ClientRegistry.blob in your Program Files\Gamania\Counter-Strike Online\Bin
And Restart The Updater Again ! ( Try Several Times)

OR try the below method.

1.Start CSOLauncher (Connected To Internet)

2.Unplug Your Internet Connection !

3.Wait For Several Minute And You Should See A Pop Up Message Appears In The Launcher, Press OK.

4.BOOM The Bar Goes To 100%

5.Connect Back To Internet ! And Start To Play.

**Please Make Sure You Are Using The Newest Version Of Client To Prevent The Update Time Needed, Newest Client Can Be Download At

Feb 26, 2009

Special Event In Counter Strike Online ! Free USAS12 and Zombie Grenade

More Details On Zombie Mod2 Goes To Here

From now on to 3/10 if you completed two mission you will be rewarded a USAS12 Shotgun (10 Days) and Zombie Grenade ( 3 Days ) For Free !!!

USAS12 Shotgun : Terrorists Weapon, 20 rounds per clip.
Zombie Grenade : Can be use in Zombie Mod, shockwave is created, good to deal with campers in zombie mod !

Mission A : Pickup 10 supply boxes in Zombie Mod -> USAS12(10 Days) For Free !
Mission B : Promoted to higher class Zombie 4 times and use special skills for 4 times -> Zombie Grenade (3 Days) For Free !

100 Winners Will Be Pickup Randomly IN 3/13 And 300 GASH Will Added To Their Account ( GASH CAN BE USED TO BUY SPECIAL WEAPONS )

**Please Follow The Above Picture To Learn How To Equip New Weapons**

Feb 22, 2009

Zombie Mod 2 Introduction

For those who want to learn how to create account visit the link below :

Zombie Mod 2

Human Changes :

The main difference in Zombie Mod 2 is there will be some supply box appears on the map randomly, Humans can get some stronger weapons from the supply box. The weapons that you just picked up in supply box will disappear in next round.

Weapons can be picked up in supply box :

AK47 Pro - 60 Rounds per ammo clip , Youtube Video
Double Desert Eagle - 4 times ammo compare to normal Desert Eagle, total 28 rounds per clip , Youtube Video
Double Mp7A1 - 4 times ammo compare to normal Mp7A1, total 80 rounds per clip , Youtube Video
NightVision - Enable NightVision...
Grenade Pack - Resupply grenade..

Zombie Changes ...

There will be 3 kinds of Zombie, Normal Zombie, Zombie King and Zombie Boss ( Please noticed that the Zombie picked up by randomly in round start is Zombie King )

Recharge Health : Normal Zombie can recharge 200HP per second after standing on the ground 3 seconds without moving. Zombie King/Boss , recharge 400HP per second after standing on the ground 3 seconds without moving

Normal Zombie : Inflect 3 humans to promote to Zombie King. (HP 7000 Armor 500)
Zombie King : Inflect 5 humans to promote to Zombie Boss. ( HP 14000 Armor 1000 )

Special Skills : Zombie King and Boss can increase their moving speed for 10 seconds if they press "G". but 1000 HP will be decreased.

Some Youtube Video Of Zombie Mod 2 :

Feb 21, 2009

Our Blog's Official Youtube Channel !!

Recently I make some video myself and uploaded it into youtube ! Visit youtube for my gameplay Video !!