Oct 10, 2008

GamePlay Video ( Youtube Video )

Interesting things when you use mic to talk in Counter-Strike Online.. ( Youtube Video )

Counter-Strike Online Zombie Mod Video ( Youtube Video )

Counter-Strike Online Promotion Video In Korea ( Youtube Video )

New weapons in Counter Strike Online (Youtube Video)

enjoy it ; )

Blog is going to have an update

Sorry guys I know I didnt update this blog for a long time.
Honestly I did't play Counter-Strike Online anymore, However I saw lots of people still interested in getting into Counter-Strike Online any have lots of problems. So I decided to update the blog and put up a forum with much more tutorial in a short period but not today due to heavy schoolwork. (maybe this Saturday) , I already purchased my own domain in gold-domain. just waiting for them to get my domain up.

I promise all that I will try my best to make this blog better in short period.

Thanks for all people's support and be patient.

Btw, you can watch the creation of account tutorial video in

for picture description, please take a look at