Aug 17, 2009

Now You Can Purchase C-Box Encoder Directly With CASH!

Q : What is C-Box ?
A : C-Box is a item that you can get for killing enemies, you may get Golden Desert, Golden CV-47, Maverick M4A1, KIASE, Golden Winchester M1887, F2000, M200 , Bass Guitar blablabla those weapons from it. The above weapons will never be expired. Getting C-BOX are not enough to get those weapons, you still need encoder to encode C-BOX, the only way to purchase encoder is to use real CASH to change it to GASH than use GASH to purchase encoder. This is the way how Gamania makes money from customers.

Q: So now it means that I can get one of those powerful weapons from C-BOX if I have an encoder?
A : No, you still need luck to get those weapons. Anything can be obtain from C-Box, such as 30 Days character, some weapons that can purchase via Points in game... blablabla, the chance of getting those Golden powerful weapons is very low, maybe 1-2%, someone may spend $500 US for nothing, but the ppl who are lucky may get those powerful weapons even they have 1 encoder.

Q: I have real cash and I want to purchase encoder, what should I do ?
A: I am starting a new services, as long as you have Liberty Reserve USD, I will help you to purchase encoder without knowing your login ID and password. There is a present function in CS Online's store, the only thing I need to do is enter target's name, and encoder will transfer instantly to target's account, and GASH will deduct from my CS Online accounts.

Q: What is the price of each encoder ?
Currently : $1.6 Liberty Reserve USD = 1 Encoder

Q: I want to buy encoder with my real cash in liberty reserve, how can I transfer real money to your Liberty Reserve account?
1) First open an Liberty Reserve account @
2) Add fund to your LR account, the following mirror are recommended exchange services provider.
3) Once you have positive balance in your Liberty Reserve account, login your Liberty Reserve main account, press "Transfer", In the " To Account " field, please type in U9463311, if you wish to purchase 2 encoder, please type 3.2 in the " Amount " Field, remember to write your in game username ( not login user name ) in the memo field, once I receive the payment, encoder will be transfer directly to your CS Online account within 24 hours.
4) Please noticed that once encoder are transfered there will be NO refund.