Apr 21, 2009

10/11 Counter Strike New Client Download


21/4 Update List

First Please Download The New Client To Get Rid Of Slow Update

1. New Guns Available In Store
The Eye of Judgment-SL8 ( Scoped Assault Rifle )
#From Now On To 6/5 You Can Buy SL8 For LifeTime With GASH ! #

2. New Items Available In C-BOX
The Eye of Judgment-SL8 ( Scoped Assault Rifle )
New Assault Rifle : F2000
New SubMachine Gun :Dragon K1A
New Shotgun : Shining Hunter ─ M1887
Girl Character

The Above Items Are LifeTime, It Will Never Expired.
Apart From These New Guns, You May Also Get Golde AK-47, Camouflage M4A1 ,M200 And Golden Desert Eagle From C-Box Too! As Usual, You Can Use Those Guns Forever And Never Expired If You Get Them From C-BOx

3. C-Box Encoder Special ! You Can Purchase 16 Encoder In Store With 399 GASH ( Limited !!, Encoder Are Used To Open C-Box)

4. Two New Maps, Industry And Piranesi. Available In All Game Mod ! ( Normal, Team DeathMatch, DeathMatch.. Zombie Mod...)

5. New Event #1: I Will Become King Of Sniper ! ( 21/4 ~ 6/5 )

Use The Eye of Judgment-SL8 To Kill 100 Enemy ( NOT BOT ), An Get A New Terrorists Character ( 30 Days ) Instantly.

Use Other Sniper Rifle To Kill 200 Enemy ( NOT BOT ), An Get A New CT Character ( 30 Days ) Instantly.

The Top 500 People Who Kill Most Enemy With Sniper Rifle Will Reward A "King Of Sniper" Spray ( Never Expired ), Winner Will Announce In 19/5.

6. New Event #2: Must Kill To Survive ( 21/4 ~ 6/5 )

Play 5 TeamDeath Match And DeathMatch In New Map : Industry, And 100 People Will Randomly Picked Up By Gamania And Each Of Them May Reward New Shotgun : Shining Hunter ─ M1887 ( 100 Days ), Winner Will Announce In 12/5.