Jan 27, 2009

Golden CV-47, M4A1 and M200

Recently you may noticed someone is using a Golden CV-47 and M4A1 in game.
This is Gamania's new way to make money.. When you kill someone in game, you may get an item called C-BOX, you must use GASH(real money in life) you buy the encoder to see what's inside the C-BOX, all prize are random, but of course the probability of getting Golden CV-47, and M2000(New sniper gun) is very low. 29GASH for 1 encoder... I bought 2 encoders yesterday.. the first one is "POINTS DOUBLED COUPON 3 days" and the second one is "Carry 1.5 times bullet in Zombie Mod and Extra 1000 Health while inflected in Zombie Mod" ( lol my English is crap ), not bad huh ??

Client Updated ! Please Download The New Client To Get Rid Of Slow Update

Here is the new download mirror


updated to V75 in Dec 9.