Feb 26, 2009

Special Event In Counter Strike Online ! Free USAS12 and Zombie Grenade

More Details On Zombie Mod2 Goes To Here

From now on to 3/10 if you completed two mission you will be rewarded a USAS12 Shotgun (10 Days) and Zombie Grenade ( 3 Days ) For Free !!!

USAS12 Shotgun : Terrorists Weapon, 20 rounds per clip.
Zombie Grenade : Can be use in Zombie Mod, shockwave is created, good to deal with campers in zombie mod !

Mission A : Pickup 10 supply boxes in Zombie Mod -> USAS12(10 Days) For Free !
Mission B : Promoted to higher class Zombie 4 times and use special skills for 4 times -> Zombie Grenade (3 Days) For Free !

100 Winners Will Be Pickup Randomly IN 3/13 And 300 GASH Will Added To Their Account ( GASH CAN BE USED TO BUY SPECIAL WEAPONS )

**Please Follow The Above Picture To Learn How To Equip New Weapons**


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I play a counter strike online and I do not know what the cbox I 100
thank you

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how to on dual mp7a1