Feb 22, 2009

Zombie Mod 2 Introduction

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Zombie Mod 2

Human Changes :

The main difference in Zombie Mod 2 is there will be some supply box appears on the map randomly, Humans can get some stronger weapons from the supply box. The weapons that you just picked up in supply box will disappear in next round.

Weapons can be picked up in supply box :

AK47 Pro - 60 Rounds per ammo clip , Youtube Video
Double Desert Eagle - 4 times ammo compare to normal Desert Eagle, total 28 rounds per clip , Youtube Video
Double Mp7A1 - 4 times ammo compare to normal Mp7A1, total 80 rounds per clip , Youtube Video
NightVision - Enable NightVision...
Grenade Pack - Resupply grenade..

Zombie Changes ...

There will be 3 kinds of Zombie, Normal Zombie, Zombie King and Zombie Boss ( Please noticed that the Zombie picked up by randomly in round start is Zombie King )

Recharge Health : Normal Zombie can recharge 200HP per second after standing on the ground 3 seconds without moving. Zombie King/Boss , recharge 400HP per second after standing on the ground 3 seconds without moving

Normal Zombie : Inflect 3 humans to promote to Zombie King. (HP 7000 Armor 500)
Zombie King : Inflect 5 humans to promote to Zombie Boss. ( HP 14000 Armor 1000 )

Special Skills : Zombie King and Boss can increase their moving speed for 10 seconds if they press "G". but 1000 HP will be decreased.

Some Youtube Video Of Zombie Mod 2 :


Auris said...

i know that it's off topic(a bit), but could you add to download section, files needed to patch the game. because my updater get stuck at 50%.


csonline said...

50% doesnt mean there are files need to be updated sometimes 50% means that the patcher are still trying to connect to update server to check out are there any files on your computer need to be updated, plz be patient

Anonymous said...

Howrah watch remains in 50% and takes a long nose but if you are upgrading! Plz tell me

Auris said...

I waited for 5 hours and still 50%.

csonline said...

New installer updated, try to download the new installer in NEWS section

Auris said...

Still get stuck at 50%. Also, ty for help anyway :)

csonline said...

Sorry I dont know why someone will have the problem of stucking at 50%... I dont have it