Mar 10, 2009

Female Zombie ( Sarah ) + Sharp Silver Blade Introduction !

##Sarah was a little girl zombie with a lightweight body of Sarah, because the advantages of size, with fast-moving and excellent jumping ability, but also the use of special skills "sneak" attack on the targets.##

#Only available in Zombie Mod 2.

##A good helper of assault ! - new skills "prowling." The use of Sarah and become a Zombie King or a Zombie Boss, press "G" key to use the special skills, sustainable use of 20 per second, 10 second interval can be used again.##

After Prowling and before Prowling...

##How to use Sarah Infected as a zombie, you can choose to use the general zombie or "Sarah."##

If you are using girl character in game and get inflected, menu will appear,
Please select the 2."Cancel" can be turned to "Sarah."

If you are using Male character in game and get inflected, menu will appear,
Please select the 1."Sarah" can be turned to "Sarah."

##Sharp silver blade Introduction:##

Human corpse in order to confront the developed silver knife, in the attack when there is superior zombie destruction.
#Only available in Zombie Mod 2.

Double damage will be given when you hit behind zombie.

##How to use the sharp silver blade##
Sharp silver blade holder at the End of the human condition buy weapons, you can choose whether or not to replace weapons nearly as "sharp-edged silver."


Anonymous said...

i cannot connect on ZM2
stop on "precaching"
why?? 8-?

Anonymous said...

exactly i cannot connect on any server

csonline said...

do you stuck on precaching all the time ??

Anonymous Stupid said...

i have question if koreans are now full update zombie mod 2 in taiwan hongkong is not full update but their have female zombie release where i can found korean channel

csonline said...
Korea's Counter Strike Online

but I highly recommend you dont waste the time on it.

first, I dont know Korea language, you must find someone to help you translate the website and get an account.

second, after the creation of Korea CSO is complete is require phone activiation.

third, you need a Korea VPN to play it.

dowell said...

i have question? taiwan and korea zombies are soldier topless and the boss have crane in china their zombies are scientist?

csonline said...

I believe just the outlook difference.

One more thing, Fat Zombie will release in 24/3

dowell said...

what date will realease?

Anonymous said...

why it dont open menu?