May 19, 2009

19/5 and 6/5 Update History

First Please Download The New Client V48 To Get Rid Of Slow Update

6/5 Update History :
Two New Female Characters added. You Can Buy Them With Gash In Store ( Never Expired )

19/5 Update History :
New Game Mode :
New Game Mode : Grenade And Knife Only. You Can Host A Server With This Mode. All Players Will Only Allowed To Kill With Hand Grenade ( Unlimted! )

New Map : Backalley added

New Event As Follow :

1.Getting Gold Medal Weapon In C-Box ( Golden AK-47, Camouflage M4A1 ,M200 And Golden Desert Eagle) Precentage Slightly Increased.

2.Let's Use Points !
Before 16/6, You Can Rent MG3, AWP, M4A1, AK47 In Store With Points !

3. New Gift For You !
Before 16/6, All New Players Joining CSO Will Be Rewarded A SubMachine Gun And Machine Gun Package ( Expired After 10 Days )

WIth You Reach Level 5, 10 and 15, You Will Be Rewarded Gifts ( ?? )


Anonymous said...

oh my god ! this is the best update for this year :o!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did my game crashes after the titles of Nexon and CS:O loads ?? Could anyone help me ?!

dowell said...

im excited there a gift if u r lv 15? im happy its almost my birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome..but only new player can be reward a machine gun? that's dick! Is player level 6 can be reward? because I've pass level 5

csonline said...

gift will be given after 19/5's update

it means that if you get passed 5LV before 19/5, you will not be rewarded a gift.

if the game crash, try not to press ESC to skip the intro

Anonymous said...

I've dind't pressed ESC button when the game is loading.I've also searched around the CS:O folder and I find a file called "Error".This is what it says:

20:01:30 - =======================================================
20:01:30 - - Log File Opened
20:01:30 - - 05/19/2009 - 20:01:30
20:01:30 - =======================================================
20:01:31 - CSONMWrapper - LOCALE_ID: 1, GAME_CODE : 12009
20:02:00 - =======================================================
20:02:01 - - Log File Closed
20:02:01 - - 05/19/2009 - 20:02:01
20:02:01 - =======================================================

So, could anyone try to help me?

nuth said...

sorry ,I have a trick in nuke map
(for someone who don't know how to climb the little hill that faraway from a car)

first you run and jump.When you're going up DON'T do anything just keep press "W".When you reach the conner of the hill,walk towards and CTRL you will stay on the hill safty

thanks to taiwanese friends

Sawaddee krub

dowell said...

hmmmm why i dont have present but im lv 15 or when i look my c-box i have encoder c-box and didnt work im know that encoder is only one day its unfair my offline or im not give present

dowell said...

cso how to creater server grenade mod? which one?

csonline said...

the gift rewarded in 5, 10, 15 Level are not encoder

nuth said...

I have a little ploblem , I had 50%stuck ,I waited for a long time about seven hours and then it started to update but it didn't finish update it stuck at 13% of info updated .

please help me

Anonymous said...

hey the cso team to fix the problem ..i cant go in to the game
every thim i went in ...a sec later it close the main game and pop out the words callback0x10501 undefined hacks(0x1000033e),.PLS cs people pls fix this.and i dont hack.

dowell said...

reinstall again what im doing every update my version v.37 :P

Tuke said...

For somereason, when im trying to open it doesnt start loading, it just shows blank, site. i have even letted to load in time but after 1 hour nothing havent happened on it. Does any1 got working link?

Tuke said...

I get all the time either blank site or

Not Found

The requested URL /csonline/CSO_FullInstaller_V048.exe was not found on this server.

Anonymous said...

somebody post a website for torrents