Aug 16, 2009

New Client V64


Anonymous said...

we don't have gash in my country (morocco)
so i wan't to buy it from internet ( with paypal )
& i don't have website for that
someone give me website to buy gash but not receive card in my home i wan't code of gash in my email .
if someone help me i send him any weapon but less than 50 gash =)
Contact me :

Anonymous said...

I live in Taiwan. I can buy GASH at 7-11 I could just email you the number and you could send money to my paypal. I'd just charge you a small handling fee. If you interested send me an email.

jsxanatos89 said...

Oh man...when i download CSOnline when it's done it say's "the folder cannot be open please re download it"
when i redownload still the same!!!
Anyone can give me torrent for this one????

forsberg said...


Josh said...

Thanks for the upload. And thanks forsberg for the link.

Josh said...

The link does not work anymore.

Anonymous said...

Download link dont work.
Please send me an Another one to: