Nov 9, 2009

Zombie Mode 3 Introduction

Zombie Mode 3 Introduction

Human Objectives :
Hold until the time is reached or kill all zombies with headshot.
Zombie Objectives :
Inflect all humans

* All zombies killed by human can be respawn in random place in the map in zombie mod 3. ( Expect killed by headshot ! It means if you killed by headshot, you cannot spawn )

* All zombies can use their special skills ( Default Key : G )

* Whole human teams attack damage will be increased AS ANY ONE OF THE HUMAN killed a zombie. ( Max 200% Damage ), you can check out the damage indicator on the bottom of time display.

* When zombie's are taking damage from human to a specific level, they can transform to higher level ( Zombie King, Boss ), you can check out the upgrade indicator on the bottom of time display.

* One or two humans will be transformed to "HERO" in each round, HEROS carry Dual .50 AE Desert Eagle and a new gun with unknown name lol ??

Gameplay :

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