Apr 21, 2009

21/4 Update List

First Please Download The New Client To Get Rid Of Slow Update

1. New Guns Available In Store
The Eye of Judgment-SL8 ( Scoped Assault Rifle )
#From Now On To 6/5 You Can Buy SL8 For LifeTime With GASH ! #

2. New Items Available In C-BOX
The Eye of Judgment-SL8 ( Scoped Assault Rifle )
New Assault Rifle : F2000
New SubMachine Gun :Dragon K1A
New Shotgun : Shining Hunter ─ M1887
Girl Character

The Above Items Are LifeTime, It Will Never Expired.
Apart From These New Guns, You May Also Get Golde AK-47, Camouflage M4A1 ,M200 And Golden Desert Eagle From C-Box Too! As Usual, You Can Use Those Guns Forever And Never Expired If You Get Them From C-BOx

3. C-Box Encoder Special ! You Can Purchase 16 Encoder In Store With 399 GASH ( Limited !!, Encoder Are Used To Open C-Box)

4. Two New Maps, Industry And Piranesi. Available In All Game Mod ! ( Normal, Team DeathMatch, DeathMatch.. Zombie Mod...)

5. New Event #1: I Will Become King Of Sniper ! ( 21/4 ~ 6/5 )

Use The Eye of Judgment-SL8 To Kill 100 Enemy ( NOT BOT ), An Get A New Terrorists Character ( 30 Days ) Instantly.

Use Other Sniper Rifle To Kill 200 Enemy ( NOT BOT ), An Get A New CT Character ( 30 Days ) Instantly.

The Top 500 People Who Kill Most Enemy With Sniper Rifle Will Reward A "King Of Sniper" Spray ( Never Expired ), Winner Will Announce In 19/5.

6. New Event #2: Must Kill To Survive ( 21/4 ~ 6/5 )

Play 5 TeamDeath Match And DeathMatch In New Map : Industry, And 100 People Will Randomly Picked Up By Gamania And Each Of Them May Reward New Shotgun : Shining Hunter ─ M1887 ( 100 Days ), Winner Will Announce In 12/5.


Anonymous said...

Still, the gash problem is I can't get the code, even I press the add to kart, and if I survive in the deathmarh but don't have gash do I still be reward a shotgun?

csonline said...

yes, if you picked up by Gamania.

Please notice that only 100 people will reward the new shotgun and the winner are randomly pickup

Anonymous said...

Hey in korean have a new zombie, when will it come to hong kong?

nuth said...

now, I updated new patch now ,I loged in,then after 30 seconds.it said "undefined hacks" WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should play cs 1.6, I rather playing 1.6 than ONLINE, it's the samething, but those FUCKING RETARD NEXON just put in some news weapon, maps color chars, I don't mind if it's normal without a login, but its have a login, so my answer is playing cs 1.6 zombie plague 4.3 or biohazard, don't waste your money on these guys!

Anonymous said...

I agree, don't waste your money on this game, it is fucking samething as 1.6, sometimes 1.6 is better than this shit, fucking retarded game


u know i agree or disagree somebody post cs 1.6 installer have no permission on valve

forsberg said...

How I can KICK player from my own server ? And how I can add someone in to the friends ?
Sorry for my english if I made mistake...I'm from Russia :)

Anonymous said...

click caps lock look down click right side 3 button click first one and i think click 2nd or third imn nmot sure i forgot?