Jan 7, 2009

[How To]Buying Weapons In Zombie Mod Or Death-Match Mod.

Select Weapons from the list.. same as Counter Strike 1.6..


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buloyz said...

if you are lazy to click items using the mouse, you can just enter the corresponding number of the gun you want to buy, then after that click "Q" and hit "enter"

example, if you want to buy M4A1 carbine & USP.. you will just enter this


if you want to get terrorist weapons (for example AK47 & Glock) just add "J" before selecting the gun number
like this:

i use the korean CSO but i think it is the same with the other CSO

Anonymous said...

they dont let you buy any guns any more do they?

csonline said...

some guns require you to use POINTS ( can get points after each game ) and GASH ( REAL MONEY ) to buy them