Jan 7, 2009

Zombie Mod introduction

Here Comes The Zombie Mod Trailer First


One Day,, When CTs are fighting with Ts. they found that there are some zombies in the battlefield, so they decided to stay together as a team and defeat them...

Rules : As a CT / T , you need to survive in map time or kill all zombies....
As a Zombie, you need to kill ( inflected ) all CT/T to win the match...

Maps available in Zombie Mod in Counter Strike Online : Dazzling, Abyass, Prodigy, Dust, Dust2, Aztec, Italy, Survivor, Militia

Once you joined the server, press Enter and press 1 to spawn as a human

When a new round start, you have 15 seconds to escape / find shelter, after 15 seconds, few of the humans will randomly become Zombie Boss and you need to attack survivors to win the match. If you are humans, you need to stick with the other teammates to kill zombies. Please noticed that if you are hitted by a zombie you will instantly become a zombie.

Rules of the Health and numbers of Zombie Boss :

Numbers of Zombie Boss = Number of players in server devided by 3.
Health of Zombie Boss = Increas as numbers of players increased.
Health of Zombie (Inflected by other zombie) = Attacker's Health devided by 2 ( At least 1000 health ).

Some Random Pictures Of Zombie Mod In Counter-Strike Online.

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hello, i have question: which depends on the amount of injuries grenades?