Apr 14, 2009

Tutorial Of Adding GASH

GASH is a e currency unit used my Gamania.
You can use real money to buy GASH, than you can use it to RENT some special weapon in game, sometimes Gamania is prmoting you can get some specific weapon for lifetime, but not rent it.

Before 21/4, you can use GASH to buy the Shining Hunter ─ M1887 and use it for lifetime. It cost 349 GASH.

Before you purchase GASH, please noticed that GASH are non-refundable.

1. First please try to login with your CSO login id and password in
If you can login, please goto step2
If you cant, if means that you cannot follow this tutorial, please follow me new tutorial to reg a Hong Kong Gamania's Account.

2. Goto
I didnt try to purchase anything from yesasia's website but there is a guy telling me that he purchase GASH from yesasia and everything is fine.
and you should see there are 3 kind of GASH card, as follow..

OK now you see 3 kind of different value GASH card. They are 800,1200 and 500. Please noticed that before you purchase it. These point value are Hong Kong's GASH Point, and Counter Strike Online are operate by Taiwan's Gamania's Company, please noticed that In Game GASH currency are using Taiwan's Gamania standards . It means that value of GASH in game = your Hong Kong GASH devided by 2.5.

Let me make it simple.

You purchase a 1200 Gamania's Hong Kong point card. your in game GASH amount will be.
1200 devided by 2.5 = 480
You purchase a 800 Gamania's Hong Kong point card. your in game GASH amount will be.
1200 devided by 2.5 = 320
You purchase a 500 Gamania's Hong Kong point card. your in game GASH amount will be.
1200 devided by 2.5 = 200

3. Please ensure that the point card that you want to buy is Hong Kong's Gamania Point Card but not the Taiwan's ones. Now purchase it in Yesasia. I dont know yesasia will ship the whole card to you or just giving you the GASH key code, but its not a big deal, cause finally you will get a GASH keycode.

4.Once you get the key code, login in

Now press the red box.

Press the red box again

Now a new window pop out, type in the GASH key code to add GASH to your Counter Strike Online account. Key Code consist of 14-20 digit.

If your key code is correct, an english sentence will pop up and said that " Pin check sucessfully blablabla ", and its done now, you can login Counter Strike Online and check the result.


dowell said...

its free in 21/4? how to know the GASH key code? in 21/4 gonna be start?

Anonymous said...

dude its free?

Anonymous said...

I press add to kart but it did not give me the code? :|

Anonymous said...

dude the next update is special c-box what is it?

csonline said...

GASH is not free you must use real money to buy it

To see the new C-box item you can read my update history in 21/4

Anonymous said...

Then can I buy it in USA, I mean can I oder it and they bring it to me :))?

csonline said...

I think so, and that's why the reason that shopping site exist. For those who want to buy items but they are not in Asia.

Anonymous said...

we don't have gash in my country (morocco)
so i wan't to buy it from internet ( with paypal )
& i don't have website for that
someone give me website to buy gash but not receive card in my home i wan't code of gash in my email .
if someone help me i send him any weapon but less than 50 gash =)
Contact me : life-on@live.fr

Jessica said...

hi my name is Jessica and i'm from France
give me gach (code) i give u money

just try i give u money first !!

Anonymous said...

does it mean that if we buy a HK GASH card, we can also use it for a Taiwan game, but the currency will be divided by 2.5>

csonline said...

Correct, divided by 2.5

wc999 said...

Hello everybody, I am from Vietnam. I really want to buy gash card but I don't know how.
Please help me!
Thanks very much.