Mar 1, 2010

Recent Update

Dec 9 Update History.

Client Updated ! Please Download The New Client To Get Rid Of Slow Update

10/11 Update History

Free testing account for Counter-Strike Online !

CSOTools v2.0 ( used to decode NAR files to extract CSOL's content )

Zombie Mode 3 Introduction

Zombie Mod 3 is now online.

Now You Can Purchase C-Box Encoder Directly With CASH!

0811 Update History

New Client V64

Do not trust those comments that says there are cheats on other site

New Client V61

0714 and 0721 Update History

New Tutorial Of Createing Accounts In Counter Strike Online!

New Client V55 Available For Download

02/06 and 18/06 Update History

28/5 ~ 31/5 Dragon Boat Festival New Event + BeanFun Update

All Weapons List In Counter Strike Online.

19/5 and 6/5 Update History

HackShield Updated, Do Not Press Ese To Skip The Game Intro

21/4 Update History

21/4 Counter Strike New Client Download

Tutorial Of Adding GASH

7/4 Update History

7/4 Counter Strike Online New Client Download

24/3 Update History

24/3 Counter Strike Online New Client Download

17/3 Gamania update their anti-hack toolkits from GameGuard to HackShield

My Own Counter Strike Online 3D HD Movie Trailer

Gamania 10th Anniversary Video ! ( CSO Taiwan service provider )

Stuck at 50% should been fixed now

Counter Strike Online Login Tutorial ( Youtube )

Counter Strike Online Purchase Weapon Tutorial ( Youtube )

Zombie Mod 2 Update Special Event Winner List ! ( 300 GASH )

Female Zombie ( Sarah ) + Sharp Silver Blade Introduction !

3/10's Update! Read Here !

Female Zombie Will Release in 3/10 !

Solution For Launcher Stucking At 50% ! ( 25/3 UPDATE)

Special Event In Counter Strike Online ! Free USAS12 and Zombie Grenade

Zombie Mod 2 Are Online NOW !!!

Zombie Mod 2 Introduction

Our Blog's Official Youtube Channel !!

Wallpapers For Counter-Strike Online !

NAR Files Decoded ! Kernel Files of CSO Are Available For Download

Golden CV-47, M4A1 and M200

Client Updated ! Please Download The New Client To Get Rid Of Slow Update

Full Tutorial To Get Access To Counter-Strike Online ( NEW , updated at 10-10-2008 )

Full Tutorial To Get Access To Counter-Strike Online Pre-Open Beta !


Anonymous said...

Hey thats a great post, I wanna thank you guys for the help. I cant start the game although i got my login alright. Is there any way to translate the game?
Thanks a lot.

csonline said...

no,, at this time.. : (

Andrew-X said...

wow guys you are the best! thank you for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

i have a problem: when i run cso launcher it says The page cannot be displayed. can somebody help me please.

Anonymous said...

this is a best web for CS online bestbestbestbestbest!!!8-)

Ryan said...

Keep having problems trying to install. Downloaded v039 and set up account with Taiwan code. Keep getting the same error:


Can anybody help with this?

csonline said...

I think that if you keep getting errors of CSOAUL 1 is due to Gamania's system error, I recommend you try it later ( I will test it by myself when I finish my school today )

deadguy96 said...

csonline can you pls create cso online acount cause i dont understand taiwan and other country im in australia and i wanna have a go a counter strike online and i can send you my hot mail its

ghostkiller465 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hey i have already installed CS:O but when i tried to login
that it haves an error pls help me

here Screen

and my e-mail adress

i know i am german but i wanna play CS:O

pls help me and pls write englisch or german

csonline said...

To deadguy96
there is a test account posted on top of the Creating Account tutorial

To Anonymous
YOu are using korea version. I dont know Korean words. cannot help you

Anonymous said...

and were i can download the version
whick you use??

csonline said...

Anonymous said...

for the people who cant create a valid account for gamania...

first you gotta create the main gamania account with a valid (can be keygenerated) ROC ID card which is a Taiwanese ID card. now the important part... DO NOT FORGET THIS ID NUMBER !!! now add the wanted game in this case its Counterstrike online and register your cso account WITH THE EXACT SAME ID NUMBER now have fun playing
greetz out of taiwan o:

LoliconXD said...

just some things:
1. pls make a tutorial on how and where to buy gash and how to add gash to my account...:D
2. can you translate this?: 數碼恐懼
3. besides the new shotgun(the shinning hunter), were there or are there any other weapons that lasted a lifetime if you bought them?

csonline said...

1. pls make a tutorial on how and where to buy gash and how to add gash to my account...:D
2. can you translate this?: 數碼恐懼
3. besides the new shotgun(the shinning hunter), were there or are there any other weapons that lasted a lifetime if you bought them?

reply :
1. OK, I promise I will finish it today
2."Digital Fear"
3. Once few months ago the MG3 also available in lifetime, but still the same you need GASH

Kai said...

if i want to change some information from my gamania account, where do i go?(taiwan account)

Kai said...

i mean what button do i press..

DigitalWraith said...

i think i entered a clan for some reason...O_O...could you explain how the clan sistem works?'s kinda hard to translate even with special programs

Kai said...

RE: if i want to change some information from my gamania account, where do i go (what button do i press)?(taiwan account)

csonline said...

Kai what information do you want to change
Clan tutorial will be posted soon

Kai said...

my e-mail for example

Kai said...

oh yeh...and maybe the password...

Kenny said...

Hey guys, I would like to know, if I can play CSO also offline, because the high ping rate on the public servers sucks (330-2000). Another reason why I want to know this, is that I would like to play this game on a LAN :D. So is it possible?

Kindhu said...

Hey guys i want to know how to create this server, i don't understand the language :( . Is there any server package available to download .. If so pls tell me ..

Kenny said...

i dont think, that there is a server package to download. the only thing what i know is that you can start your game on a chinese server (i also know how). but as is said in my last post, i would like to know if it is possible to create a game on the own pc and not on any chinese server....

Anonymous said...


CarpeDiem said...

have a problem: (entering Cs Online When I enter my account I get a message but I do not understand xD
The game is under maintenance or something like that will not let me go? plz answer

Anonymous said...

I wanted the link to download the Korean cso

Anonymous said...

che Proforum o csonlinebk em me desis como me pongo gash o como le digan para comprarme los personajes nuevos i armas porq yo si gataria para ponerme si agregame a i ai me esplicas bngrasias =)

I ProForum or desis csonlinebk em as I start my gash or told to buy new characters i porq yo si GATARI weapons to get if i ai agregame a bngrasias explain me =)

ZEROGRAVITY-A01! said...

Everything you directed works.

Thank you for the amazing guide. I don't think I can use GASH for a long time though.

flashhammer said...

you havent updated....

EdKo said...

hi igot probleme when iget 40% in setup me computer get rest and itryid more than 3 memory opitemzir's can u give me setup 72V in rar ? sorry for shit english

EdKo said...

sorry hmm the game in rars

Anonymous said...

very good blog very helpful

I doubt it. What if someone would know how to make a ping server but with your own country?. Osea ami me whether servers have left but by chance and then operates on the same table as before. someone save the trick that please if I can say

We hope someone understood something beyond me

a greeting from ARGENTINA! (Y)

Anonymous said...

Hey csonline, may you explain the function of the C-Box? Noob question, I know :D

Anonymous said...

how i change my name in cs online?

please tell me man!!!

Lawrence said...

Hey! can you please create an counter strike online account for me.

My email:

I appreciate it.

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